About the BOA Shop

The shop was started many years ago by BOA members selling a few small bits of UWH equipment out of a holdall taken to competitions. Since then we have grown now offering a large variety of products and an online shop has been developed to provide the best means of selling UWH equipment to all UWH players.

We like to support our fellow Hockey Players around the world with great prices and equipment. Also BOA members get extra special discounts when they purchase from us.

The primary aims of the shop are:

  • To provide a one stop shop of UWH equipment.
  • To provide equipment at a competitive rate.
  • To enable us to develop and promote UWH equipment.
  • To provide revenue which will all be used to further develop UWH.
  • To provide a channel for developing our training material.

The storage, postage and packaging of all products is handled by the Shop manager to ensure you get the correct products and receive a fast and professional service.

The development and purchasing of all products are done by volunteers, so if you have any suggestions or you would like to help in any other way please do not hesitate in contacting the shop.

By using this shop you are supporting UWH, all profits from the shop will go to developing UWH.